Important News

Routine Admission

The patient or his relative has to duly fill and sign the admission form prior to the admission.

It is it be noted that the information given in the admission form should be correct as the same is noted in the admission papers and is used for all practical purposes like birth certificate, insurance claim, medico legal purposes etc.

City Hospital is a tertiary referral acute care private hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical facilities for the total management of our patients under one roof. At City Hospital, our foremost responsibility is to provide quality care and service to our patients.

We are committed to meet your needs and to make your stay in the hospital comfortable and pleasant. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for assistance. We wish you a pleasant stay.

Emergency admission

To contact the Casualty/Emergency Room on the ground floor of the First Building for further assistance in person or the hospital board number 0761-4033111.



All payments for services rendered to be made directly to City Hospital only.

All charges will be as per the classes and type of services rendered to the patient

If a patient is transferred from a lower class to a higher class, all charges applicable for the higher class will be charged from the date of admission in higher class.

(Charges are subject to change without any prior notice.)