Important News

While patients needing orthopedic treatment have increased at an alarming rate, orthopedic technology has also made a rapid evolution. The orthopedic department at the City Hospital is widely considered to be among the very best in Jabalpur. Successfully treating patients ranging from the newborn to the elderly. Including orthopedic disorders present at birth, to those caused by ageing, illness, athletic injury or automobile accidents.

This department performs as many as xxx major surgeries each year. The operation theatre is equipped with the latest equipments. The department at City Hospital performs all types of Joint replacement surgeries i.e primary, complex and revision replacements in large numbers with excellent results.

The extensive measures taken to provide a sterile environment have resulted in a minimal infection rate comparable with the very best in the world.

The infrastructure along with most advanced technology and the finest team of surgeons has enabled City Hospital to successfully carry out some of the most complicated orthopedic surgeries ever conducted in Jabalpur.